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"Patience, Young Grasshopper..."

Published by Webmaster in Information · 5/4/2014 11:15:26
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  Downtown Gatlinburg, TN

o quote an old line from a television series called, "Kung Fu".

43 years after the first Snowbird Jamboree was held, the event came to a close in February of 2014—but not before our esteemed caller, Bill Jones, was finally awarded the Snowbird Jamboree Attendance Award. Though he attended and called at the event for many, many years, each year he watched as the larger and nearby clubs of Tennessee were awarded the plaque. After all, it's a bit difficult to build up enough excitement to get most of his club members to drive five hours to another state for a square dance. But that never stopped him from trying. And finally, while participation from all the clubs that had won the award before dwindled, the Lads 'n' Lassies managed to show up with the most attendees and Bill finally stood in front of the stage and received his award.

This year's Snowbird Jamboree came with some good news and some bad news. The event has ended and there will not be a 44th Jamboree. But our caller, Bill Jones, finally won the attendance award. Congratulations to all who were a part of this!

(l-r) Chuck, Michelle, Richard, Candy, Mary Alice, Bill Jones, Bill, Max, Cel, Glenda, Bennie

—The Webmaster

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